Priyanka Chopra Says Criticism of Meghan Markle is Racism

Priyanka Chopra has turned a strong defender for her long-time friend Duchess Meghan Markle,

The actress who starred in Quantico was quoted by the Sunday Times saying that the criticism of Markle was unfortunate, but if anyone could, she could handle it. She also said that racism is an obvious reason for this.

Chopra said that the beauty of the Duchess is that through all that she has maintained her sense of self through these troubled times. She said that unlike other people, she knew Markle before she began dating Prince Harry, and that she is still the same, just with a larger platform.

The Duchess of Sussex has come under fire for having a liberal left wing political view. Most recently, she was criticised by Donald Trump. The Duchess is not allowed to be political due to being married to the Royal family, but has brought a fresh focus on humanitarianism and feminism to the role.

 Of the former actress, Chopra said that they have spent hours talking about the difference that dialogue and influence can make to the world before her gaining her title, and what she is now is her genuine self. She added that Markle has always been a change maker.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex did not attend Priyanka Chopra’s wedding to Nick Jonas.

Thereafter, Chopra was not present at the baby shower of the Duchess, sparking suspicion of a feud.

On ‘Watch What Happens Live’, Chopra denied the claim.

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