Online Sports Betting Practice among Canadians in 2019 – A Detailed Analysis

Online Sports Betting Practice

Betting on sports is one of the Canadians’ most favorite hobbies, which has been in practice for more than 600 years. According to historians view, betting on sports introduced purposefully in the old days. Apart from just entertaining the public, betting on sports improves the particular sports skill of the people who took part in betting activities.

In recent times, the Canadian sports betting industry is up to the next level. In fact, Canadian Market witnesses numerous online betting sites and mobile apps because of the rising demand.

How To Pick Legitimate Betting Apps/Sites in Canada?

Owing to the numerous betting apps/sites, now it is hard for the common people to pick the best betting apps in Canada. However, there are few review sites offering its supreme service by listing out the best betting apps along with detailed reviews.

Approaching legitimate sites like BettingTop10 will help people to find impartial reviews on available betting apps in Canada. The review site BetingTop10 allows users to download betting apps along by providing valid information like sporting news of different teams. In addition, the review sites points out the revenue source of the betting apps that allows users to judge the trustworthiness of apps.

Here are the lists of 5 Best and Trustworthy Sports Betting Apps in Canada according to BettingTop10

  1. Sports Interaction
  2. 888Sport
  3. Betway Sports
  4. Bbets
  5. Intertops

Online Sports Betting Practice in Canada

Over the years, the Canadian citizens/ residents who interested in betting on sporting events or sports fixtures prefers online. However, experts point the online sports betting practice is still considered as the legal grey area in Canada proficiency.

Sports betting law in Canada
Sports Betting Law in Canada

In fact, the Canada government working to modernize its file sharing and offshore betting laws. As per the existing laws of Canada, it is illegal to do betting in online sites not having license.

It is mandatory for people to check whether betting sites/apps have valid Canadian betting licenses before engaging. Review sites like BettingTop10 will include such information under each of their list along with the detailed review. Such reviews from real people on BettingTop10 highlights the best betting apps in Canada.

The recently released financial results of the Digital Media and the sports betting firm theScore has proved the Canadian’s interest in betting on sports. The firm theScore witnessed strong growth in the first quarter of this year especially in Canada and the US region.

The statistical report shows the company witnessed $8.5 Million in this first 3 months of 2019. Meanwhile, on analysis of the year-to-year report, the firm’s revenue grew to $24.7 Million from $22.6 Million last year.

Gambling Law Expert Chad Finkelstein’s View

Canadian authority attempts to make changes in the betting legislation in 2016. However, it ended as unsuccessful. The gambling law expert Chad Finkelstein points out that the legality of betting activities were simple in the past. Now with the presence of the internet, it became more complicated.

Chad also highlights the difficulties to control the offshore betting sites welcoming Canadian citizens or residents to participate. He also pinpoints the challenges faced by the many countries to regulate and to tighten the legal framework against illegal online sports betting practice.

Social media giants like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook promoting betting activities on their platform by considering it as their revenue system. This challenges regulatory a lot”, added by the Chad Finkelstein.

Bottom Line

To be frank, the rise of legalization of the sports betting in the United States has promoted the same among the citizens and residents of Canada in recent times. However, without any approval from the Canadian government, it is risky for citizens to involve in online betting practice. However, people can follow the suggestions of legitimate review sites for betting.

Legitimate review sites like BettingTop10, reveals sports news and updates. In addition they list the best and trustworthy betting sites to place bets.

Online Sports Betting Practice
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