New Features of Android 10 That you should Know About

Android 10 (Codename Android Q)

Recently Google released its 10th full version of its smartphone OS Android 10 (Codename Android Q). Unlike the previous versions of the world’s most commonly used mobile operating system Android, the New Features of Android 10 pretty existing and the new OS comes with dramatic visual change along with a lot of attractive features.

Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 New Features of Android 10 named as Android Q.

Top 10 New Features of Android 10 Mobile OS

New Features of Android 10 OS
New Features of Android 10 OS

1. System-Wide Dark Mode

Finally, Google offers System-wide dark mode in its new version of Android. Because of it, battery life will get improve in OLED panel smartphones.

2. No Back Button

Android 10 comes with no back button. However, the user can make use of gestures to go back.

3. New Screen Pinning Gesture

By making use of gesture control, users can able to activate or deactivate screen pinning.

4. Boot GSIs Without Unlocking the Bootloader

This new feature of Android 10 enables the custom ROM community to take advantage. Because of it, people can install the custom OS without unlocking the phone’s boot loader.

5. Foldable Phones Support

Android 10 comes with built-in support for foldable smartphones. As a result, it allows a seamless experience for users even in multiple orientations.

6. Live Caption

Because of the live caption feature in Android 10, users can able to listen to the audio or video by enabling caption without the use of the Internet.

7. Audio Playback Capture

This feature allows other apps to record the audio directly even any app plays audio in the background.

8. Better Permission Management

Google with its new version of Android offers more control to users over permissions.

9. New ‘Sensor Off’ Toggle

In New Features of Android 10 includes new ‘Sensor Off’ in the quick setting file. Because of this dream tool will disable the camera, accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass, barometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, gravity sensor, linear acceleration sensor, rotation vector sensor, and pedometer all at once.

10. Pause Notifications

Android Q allows users to pause notification. Because of this feature users can stop notification from visible temporally based on the timer settings.

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