Myths About Installing an Electric Dog Fence on Your Property

When considering electric dog fences, the term “inhumane” is frequently used. However, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to protecting one’s cherished pet. Indoor dogs are never as content as outdoor dogs. Moreover, the more space the best buddy has to run around in nature, the higher their quality of life will be. They will be not just happy but also healthier. One could argue that electric dog fences are more humane than confining the dog inside a house. Alternatively, one would see it as preferable to keeping them in a teeny-tiny yard with hardly enough area for them to run around. Below are some of the common myths about electric dog fences.

Electric Fence Collars Cause Burns

Electric fence collars, contrary to popular assumption, do not cause burns. At the pampered pup website, the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar uses sound and vibration to direct the dog where they need to go, rather than using shocks. Thermal burns occur with a frequency release of 3,000 to 5,000 Hz from a 5-amp source. These collars have a maximum output of 100 milliamps. That is 2% of the power required to cause a burn (and roughly 40% less than the shock a person would receive from a nylon carpet on a low-humidity day).

Electric Fence Cause Side Effects

Another myth is that an electric fence can cause health problems for your pup. The truth is that there is no proof that electric dog fences or collars can cause the pet’s nervous system to be paralyzed. The corrective pulse transmitted by the device to the dog does not go any further than their skin. It signifies that it does not affect their health. In fact, numerous dog owners have tried on the collars and attempted to cross the boundaries of their yard to test what kind of effect it has. The shock is slight but acute in all situations. Just like touching static electricity will not harm anyone, but one will strive to avoid it in the future.

Collars are Confusing

The main concern for many dog owners is that static dog fences will not make a point of staying within the confines of the yard if the dog escapes anyway. They claim the dog will not return to their yard without experiencing another shock, preventing them from going home at all. The current improved design of the collar, on the other hand, does not work in this manner. It only affects the dog when they go out, not when coming in. The chances of the pet escaping despite the shock are close to none.

Collars Malfunction

Certain dog owners who are wary of this new technology are concerned that the electronic collar will activate when it is not meant to. There is also concern that these collars would malfunction and go off incessantly, distressing and potentially hurting the pet. These assertions are also unsubstantiated. Modern electric pet containment devices are extremely sophisticated. They are also typically fully adjustable so that one can start their dog only with one level of static correction. Then, depending on how well they understand the idea, one can adjust the intensity.