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For the Portland Trail Blazers, Meyers Leonard is the young American basketball center. He carved his career in basketball sports after battling many ill stages of early life, though he grew in the loving family. Now, he becomes a successful pro basketball player. Before becoming the professional basketball player and NBA Draft, he started with high school team followed by his college team.

Biography of Meyers Leonard

In the year 1992 of February 27th Meyers Leonard was born in Virginia (Woodridge). He was brought up in the town called Robinson of Southern Illinois. His dad James was a golf pro, and his mother Tracy was an athlete. Then life tragedy struck when Meyers was just six years old, and his father passed away in a bicycle accident. After the death of his dad, the condition of his mother also started to worsen as her back injury due to an old horse-riding injury started building up, which further left her bedridden for most of the time.

The critical situation and early age of the Leonard left him to find the father figure. Then for Meyers Leonard rescue came Brian Siler who also lives in Robinson and even a proud father of a son who is of the same age as Leonard. For Meyers, Brian took the role of a father figure and started guiding him so he can make better life choices.

When Meyers Leonard was in high school, he started playing for the basketball team. There he was assigned the role of the guard. When he had six-inch growth spurt then he became a part of “basketball anomaly,” and due to sudden extension in his height, he was then given the “center” position in his high school basketball team. In the year 2010 Meyers Leonard was also named for Illinois All-State Team. After graduating from high school, he decided to play for the University of Illinois basketball team.

In his freshman year, Meyers Leonard in 8.2 minutes game averaged 2.1 points-rebounds per game. In the subsequent year of 2011, he was picked to become the part of Team USA for FIBA U19 World Championships. At the end of the season he was named Honourable Mention All-Big 10 and twice he was also acknowledged as Big 10 Co-Player and that too being a Sophomore.

In the year 2012 when NBA Draft came along then Meyers Leonard was picked by Portland Trail Blazers in the 11th overall pick, he has been the part of the team ever since. After being signed by the team as a rookie, he made his basketball game debut against Los Angeles Lakers scoring four points. He finished his first game with 12 points and five rebounds. He played his first game against the Phoenix Suns. In the following seasons, Meyers Leonard experienced some tough time with injury, performance, and game time on the court. He then turned his fortune around and again signed by the Portland Trail Blazers on four year’s worth $41 million contracts.

Family and Brother of Meyers Leonard

As mentioned above, Meyers Leonard mother Tracie was the athlete and his dad James was the golf player with all of three children, and Meyers has two siblings named, Bailey and Chris. After the health situation of their mother and death of their father, Meyers took cake of most of the family and his elder brother Bailey joined Marines to support the family in a possible manner. Back in the year 2012, there was an emotional video of Meyers and BBailey that broke the internet.

On Twitter, Meyers Leonard tweeted this emotional video where his brother Bailey paid him the surprise visit as they had not seen each other for two years. Bailey was posted in Afghanistan, and then got the chance to return home he wanted to see his baby brother who came to the stardom in sports. When Meyers Leonard played the game against Michigan, his brother Bailey showed up after the game to surprise Meyers Leonard who broke down in tears when he saw Bailey. After their dad died, the brothers came to a lot closer and are almost inseparable.

Wife of Meyers Leonard

Currently, Meyers Leonard is married to a girl named Elle Bielfeldt. When Meyers was the freshman at that time, he met Elle. They started studying together and soon started dating each other as well. For nearly three years, the couple was along before they got engaged. When asked in one of the interviews what he things about Elle, he said that he is “Gold Struck.” In Oregon Golf Club the couple got married.

Other Interesting Facts about Meyers Leonard

  • In his rookie year, he was made to carry the Barbie Princess bag pack, and he still has it as a souvenir.
  • Meyers was supposed to be the last name; however, his parents gave him Meyers as his first name as it is inspired by his mother and father’s maiden names.
  • While with the NBA Meyers as three cities that he admires most including, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  • At Meyer and Elle’s wedding, their dog Bella was the ring bearer.
  • At the same time as their wedding, Meyer and Elle were the first among their friends who tied knots.

This was all about Meyers Leonard, one of the most talented and admired basketball player and sports star. With this biography, it is clear that he rose to his stardom with his dedication and passion for the game. For many people, it is not easy to focus on their career with such life tragedy and that too when you are just six years old child. Against all the odds, Leonard decided to pursue his career in sports, and now he became one of the successful basketball players.

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