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Meghan Markle was snubbed by top designers for not being ‘A-list’ enough, friend says

In an astonishing revelation, there was a time when Meghan Markle was shunned by fashion designers for not being “A-list” enough.

Markle was a working actress before she married Prince Harry. She was a regular on “suits,” however she never got noticed by the fashion industry as she apparently was not appearing in enough movies.

In an interview, Markle’s makeup artist and long time friend, Daniel Martin said that nowadays you will see designers getting desperate to catch her attention but that wasn’t always the case.

The tables have certainly shifted in favour of former Suits star, as many in the fashion industry have called her influence the “Meghan Markle effect,” as whatever she wears is a sell out.

Martin broke down in tears while defending her against ‘undeserved negativity’ and also discussed some of the rumors swirling around Markle, and her apparent reputation of being demanding. An emotional Martin said, “I think because I know her so well and I know she doesn’t deserve all this negative press.” Martin insists there’s “no truth” to the stories that paint her as demanding.

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