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Italian Genealogical Groups

In Italy, families tend to stay in the same ancestral home for generations. This lack of mobility makes it easier to trace family history back in time.

Italians are renowned for their sense of family and their strong community spirit. This heritage is reflected in how they raise their children and the traditions they pass down.

New York City Italian Genealogical Society

The New York City Italian Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization promoting Italian family history and genealogical research. The group works to educate and curate resources for members.

The Italian genealogical group primarily focuses on the New York City area and supports researchers around the state and country. The organization maintains databases, lists, articles, and suggestions to help you find your ancestors.

Another essential part of the organization’s mission is preserving the cultural heritage of Italian Americans. This includes the pidgin language used throughout areas with high concentrations of Italian Americans.

Many New York City streets and town regions have an Italian presence – called “Little Italy.” These places are known for various activities that celebrate their culture, including music festivals, restaurants, and themed bars.

Moreover, these areas are often famous for having grand feasts that celebrate the holidays and the culture of the Italian community. These events are held yearly and are highly popular with Italian Americans.

Immigration records are often some of the most helpful in tracing your ancestry. These are particularly useful if your ancestors were naturalized U.S. citizens since many immigrants were naturalized at county courthouses. These are often found at the Family History Library, NARA, New York State Archives, and other repositories.

New York State Italian Genealogical Society

The New York State Italian Genealogical Society is dedicated to preserving family histories and traditions. The Society is committed to recognizing and fostering Italian heritage through commemorative ceremonies bringing great Italians and Italian-Americans to public awareness and developing and disseminating educational materials primarily for classroom use.

In the 21st Century, there is no more significant cultural and ethnic group in the United States than those with Italian roots. The Society believes that family history research and Italian heritage education must continue to be promoted in the United States to preserve our country’s history and honor those who have contributed to the betterment of humanity.

The Society’s motto is “Inspiratio per Exemplum,” or inspiration through example. The Society also seeks to educate its members on the contributions of Italian ancestry to American culture and Society.

Several records about families from Italy can be found at the Municipal Archives in New York City and on the Italian genealogical group’s web site. They include birth, death, marriage certificates, military rosters, census data, historical newspapers, and family histories.

Many local historical and genealogical societies throughout the state can provide information on records available in county courthouses, libraries, and other locations. They can also direct you to the specific documents you need to research.

New Jersey Italian Genealogical Society

The New Jersey Italian Genealogical Society is an excellent resource for those researching their family roots. They offer workshops, lectures, and publications. They also have a museum, library, and gift shop.

The Local History and Genealogy Division at NYPL, which is open to the public, contains a vast array of New Jersey-related manuscripts, reference books, maps, broadsides, pamphlets, mass-produced prints, and more that document the rich cultural heritage of this state from the colonial era through the 20th Century. In addition to primary source documents, the collection includes many historical essays examining New Jersey’s role in American history and the development of its major industries.

Researchers should note that the archival collections at NYPL are supplemented by a wide array of external resources, especially microfilm. In addition to New York-based newspapers, there are digitized versions of early printings of the Gazette and America’s Historical Newspapers; other critical databases include census data, land records, court records, naturalization certificates, and more.

Another invaluable resource for tracing N.J. ancestors is the triennial journal GMNJ published by the Genealogical Society of New Jersey. The magazine carries a surname index, a bibliography of relevant books and other materials, and a wide range of information from baptismal rolls to tax ratable lists. Other issues include a series of reprinting New Jersey Supreme Court Cases (1704-1760). HSP Encounters, a database of digitized genealogical and biographical databases, is an essential resource for researchers at HSP. Various historical essays are incorporated into each database to provide context for the information contained within them.

Italian Genealogical Society of America

The Italian Genealogical Society of America (IGS) is dedicated to preserving family histories and traditions. Their goals include:

  • Supporting those who trace their Italian ancestry.
  • Promoting research through educational initiatives.
  • Curating resources.

The Society offers many resources for identifying and researching Italian ancestors, including databases, articles, books, and websites. They also provide training opportunities, a newsletter, and conferences.

In addition, the Society provides a forum for members to share their experiences and knowledge of their own families. Its membership includes families of Italian descent who live in New York City, New York State, and New Jersey.

During the 19th Century, many immigrants departed from Italy for the United States or other destinations abroad. Modern Italians make up the seventh-largest ethnic group in the U.S. They also have a significant presence in South America and Canada.

Family traditions and language dialects are a significant part of Italian heritage. They remain a strong influence on the lives of Italians even today. They have a strong sense of community and are committed to keeping their unique traditions alive.

These characteristics make family history research particularly interesting for people of Italian descent. In addition, the country’s historical records are a treasure trove of genealogical information. Nevertheless, these records can be challenging to access and interpret. For this reason, Italian Americans and other persons of Italian descent must start their family history research by identifying their town of origin in Italy to find their ancestors’ records in the Italian homeland.

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