Important Adjustments When Driving in Australia

Driving in Australia

Australia is a country with a vast expanse of arid flatlands, dangerous wildlife in the interior, and lush coastal communities in its exterior. Tourists visit Australia for a great Outback adventure while having a relaxing time at its coastal communities. However, since Australia is considered as the 6th largest country in the world, traveling from one tourist destination to another might be difficult if you don’t know how to drive.

You might have your car to drive around regularly in your own country. However, when visiting other countries, be aware of all the adjustments you have to make to drive safely. Some countries might have the same driving standards as your home nation. However, you may end up visiting a country that requires refresher courses like those given by driving lessons at EzLicence before you get the green signal to drive.

Driving in Australia

So if you are a tourist in Australia and find yourself in situations where you need to drive yourself, then here are the things to consider for a safe driving experience.

Which Side of the Road to Drive On

Australians have right-hand drive cars that drive on the left side of the road. Australia belongs to a small number of countries that still practice the right-hand driving tradition that started during British Colonial times. So it is important to remember that when you are driving in Australia, you should always keep on the left side of the road.

 Since the roads of the Australian Outback rarely have too much car traffic, a tourist may end up forgetting to stay on the left side when faced with oncoming traffic. When you are in Australia, remember that as a driver, you should always be closest to the road’s middle line so the oncoming traffic is on your right side.

 Aside from adjusting to which side of the road to drive on, you may also be confused with the difference in the placements of the stick-shift. This is applicable if you are driving a manual transmission car in Australia. It is best to get a refresher course like driving lessons at EzLicence.

Mind Your Speedometer Readings

If you are from the US and you feel that the 100 reading of your speedometer is too slow for you, it is because the speedometer measured in kilometers per hour and not the miles per hour that you are accustomed to. Australia uses the metric system, which means that they use the kilometer per hour to measure speed instead of miles per hour.

Carry Your License Every Time

When you are going to drive in Australia, you must have your driver’s license with you at all times. If you have a non-English permit, you must have it converted to an International Driving License from your country’s licensing offices. You can also ask help to convert your license from driving lessons at EzLicence.

Park in the Traffic Direction

There is a strict rule in Australia about parking. It would help if you always parked in the direction of the traffic. This means that you can only park with the car facing forward on the left side of the road so that passengers are nearest to the curbside.

These are only some of the adjustments that you have to make when you decide to drive yourself in Australia during the time of your visit. If you find these already confusing, then it is best to book driving lessons with EzLicence to help you adjust to Australian driving.

Driving in Australia
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