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Hurricane Dorian grows weaker 13,000 homes destroyed, 5 dead

Jupiter, Fla – Hurricane Dorian has weakened but not before killing five people in Abaco Islands and destroying homes

The hurricane weakens to category 3 from 4 early on Tuesday morning, but the storm is still enough to affect Bahamas.

Hubert Minnis, prime minister of Bahamas was speaking to media on Monday evening and he said that there are many distressed which needs immediate care, as they are in serious condition. Rescue workers are waiting for the weather conditions to become favorable, so that they can go for assistance.

Historic Hurricane struck northern Bahamas on Monday resulting in huge storm with heavy rains along with strong winds before the storm changed its route towards U.S coast.

The danger may have slightly subsided, but certainly not over, as the weather forecaster has warned that there may well be heavy downpour over the northern part of Bahamas till Friday. Yes, these rains may well cause flash floods too.

There has been immense loss of property with over 13,000 homes completely shattered and destroyed. The videos emerging from the affected place showed nature’s fury with destroyed homes and water everywhere while hapless residents asking for assistance.

Center Director Ken Graham warned about inclement weather conditions in the form of rain, and strong winds which may well move as high as 7 feet in the state’s east coast.

Graham had a life saving advice for the locals where they should listen to the officials as he has warned that water may rise early before the storm actually hits

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