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How to Take Care of Tape-in Hair?

Tape-in hair extensions are commonly used every day. People during weddings use them, people in the streets too. Stars from the red carpets use them as well, and not only women, you know. All because we want our hair to have beautiful quality and structure. You must know what we’re talking about here, since you are reading this article. That’s fine, don’t be shy about it and read it in full to learn something about the ways of taking care of your very own tape-in hair extensions.

Keep your hair healthy at all times

The maintenance of tape-ins should be very similar to the way you treat your natural hair, or even more cautious. Why? Because professional tape-ins are as natural as it is possible for them to be. Even long 18 inch hair extensions are made of real human hair, so care for them with proper respect, and they will pay back with an excellent condition. Nobody will even notice that they are taped. That’s the purpose of buying them in the first place, is it not?

Be careful while wearing hair extensions

Keeping your tape-in hair extensions healthy requires an attitude during the time of using them. With our own hair, we see no big deal when they get pulled every now and then. Hair extensions, on the other hand, are very vulnerable, and you should avoid extreme situations. Although they are natural, they will not grow back on their own. So, in order to make the hair last longer, keep them out of trouble and brush the hair with a wide tooth comb. Especially when the 18 inch hair is the subject of combing. To get the best tool for the job, it is advisable to ask the manufacturer of a particular tape-in. Sometimes it is mentioned in the manual, if it was provided.

Wash them properly

When you want to wash or color hair extensions only – always use chemical solutions that are recommended by the tape-in manufacturer. Just as it is with combing, although no grand mystery exists here, it is always a good idea to make sure that shampoos and conditioners used for cleaning a tape-in will not damage it in some way. It might be the glue, it might be something else – applying a hard and aggressive solution can do more harm than good to your beautiful 18 inch hair extension or any type-in for that matter.

So, now you know how to take care of tape-in hair. Please remember that there’s no such thing like an everlasting tape-in. It is absolutely normal that every 10 weeks or so the tape tabs will lose their strength. The hair itself will require you to move the bonds closer to the scalp as well. Eventually you will have to replace your extensions. To postpone this moment, take care of them accordingly.

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