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How to Sell Your House Fast In Long Island

Long Island is not considered part of the Five Boroughs of New York. When you say Long Island, you’re mainly referring to Suffolk and Nassau. It’s part of the New York State, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

You can also find white powdery sand here, particularly in Fire Island, Jones Beach, and Long Beach. Technically, Queens and Brooklyn can be found here, but they are politically part of New York City.

The average home prices on Long Island will depend on the neighborhood. For instance, Commack and Smithtown have the most expensive houses, with an average cost of $569,000 to $600,000. Holbrook, meanwhile, is considered one of the most affordable areas, with a median housing cost of $400,000.

So, how do you sell your house fast in Long Island?

There are three ways you can go about selling your house:

  1. Sell your home yourself — With this option, you do away with the middlemen and list the house online. In this way, you can avoid paying for the commission fee of the real estate broker. However, on the downside, you will have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. You also have to navigate all the legal requirements and fees. In the end, you might not even get the best deal for your home.
  2. Hire a real estate broker — The most common method is to contact a broker or real estate agent to take care of the entire process. You may get the best price, but you’re looking at between five and six percent in commission fees.
  3. Deal with wholesaler or investor — Finally, you can sell your house fast in Long Island to an investor and get the cash in the soonest possible time. It’s the best option if you need money right away, or if you do not want to jump through legal hoops to dispose of your property. For instance, you can get cash within four weeks, and you do not have to spend money on renovations or to make your house look good for potential buyers.

Selling your house to investors for cash is pretty straightforward. You merely need to contact the company on Long Island. They will then come in to evaluate your home to determine the value. After that, they will contact you to make a bid. You now have the option of taking or leaving the offer on the table.

If you agree to the terms, the company will take care of the documents and processing. You simply have to wait for your money.

The advantage is that you’re dealing with a single entity. You do not have to pay the commission fee, as well as the closing costs. You avoid going through the trouble of listing your home, taking beautiful photos, and spending money on renovations.

In fact, if all the papers are in order, the company can close the deal in a week. It means you can receive your money by then. They will pay in cash, so you do not need to wait for the check to clear. You also avoid the risks of the check bouncing on you when the buyer does not have sufficient funds on the account.

Lastly, the investors will buy your house “as-is.” You do not even have to clean up when the evaluators come in to assess the value of your home.

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