How to Select the Right Type of Beam for Pallet Racking in Your Warehouse?

Pallet Racking

A beam is a crucial part of the pallet racking system with a primary function to provide strong horizontal support. Racking beams are also referred to as horizontal or load beams. With a fixed design, the load beams allow the racking system to have a higher weight capacity.

A new beam can be used as a replacement to an existing one or installed to a new pallet rack to improve its weight support capacity. Choosing the right type of beam for your racking frame is the most important thing. Here we have discussed a few load beam types that you must know before starting your pallet racking research.

Racking Beam Types

  • Warehouse Pallet Beams– For a warehouse racking system, you need warehouse pallet beams. These beams offer incredible weight capacity. They are useful to build pallet racking systems to deal with large and bulky loads in large and small warehouses. Also, pallet beams work perfectly in a large storage facility or warehouse and can be used with racking systems made of plywood, particleboard, or wire decking.
  • Teardrop beams– These are one of the most used types of racking beams for different kinds of storage systems. The teardrop beams are available in various capacities, sizes, and profiles. Since they do not require fasteners during installation, they are also known as boltless pallet racking Also, they have a variety of applications and can be tied into new ones or existing racks.
  • Slotted beams– It has a standard beam profile and available in various capacities and virtually any length. The slotted beams prevent the increase in the span of concrete beams. The beam capacity is calculated as per the requirements of the RMI. They are considered extremely safe in racking systems.

Pallet Racking Beam Length

Determining the right length and height of the beam is an essential step while choosing the right shaft for your pallet rack. The most common rack beam length used is 8 ft. which allows storage of two standard 48″ D x 40″ W pallets for each beam level.

If you intend to store large pellets, you need to look for longer beams measuring 9ft. and 10 ft. Shorter beams are suitable for storing heavier pallets.

Pallet Rack Beam Height/Capacity

The Pallet’s height and length determine the capacity of the rack beam. The height and length of the rack beam refer to its “face size”.   A beam with a larger face size would have a higher load capacity. The height generally falls between 3″ and 6″.  You need to choose the right face size as per the load capacity required.

According to the experts, a rack beam measuring 8 feet in length and having a face size of 6-inches would have a load capacity of 8000 lbs. while a rack beam measuring 12 feet and having a face size of 6-inches would have a load capacity of 5000 lbs. In simple words, a short beam length and large face size would have the highest load capacity.

These are some of the critical factors that need your attention when choosing the right type of beam for your pallet racking system.

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