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Green Drinks McHenry County to explore solar powered lifestyle on June 5

Green Drinks McHenry County to explore solar powered lifestyle on June 5
Written by Laura James

Carl Edstrom and Carolyn Campbell will be conversing on the topic ‘Solar Lifestyle’ on 5 June, Wednesday between 5-7pm at the upcoming meeting of Inexperienced Drinks McHenry County.

The meeting, which would be conducted at the Duke’s Alehouse & Kitchen in Crystal Lake, is held on each month’s first Wednesday. The public gets invited to come together for a Question & Answer and talk on latest environmental problems as well as to connect with more of sustainably minded professionals and people.  

The residents of Crystal Lake, Carl Edstrom and Carolyn Campbell, who are always enthusiastic for coming up with ways to have a much more sustainable lives and household, knew that they really wanted to have solar panels installed on their home whenever the right time came across. However, they first needed to get their old air conditioner and furnace replaced. A few encounters with advantages of geothermal cooling and heating systems allowed them to be the first Crystal Lake residents to install a system like this in the year 2016.

In the following few years, the two maintained the system by installing more of solar panels in their rooftop and lastly, switching to electric car over old minivan.

At the meeting, Carl and Lyn will be sharing their path to a nearly solar-powered life and the things they’ve learned related to the advantages and disadvantages of every component that came their way.

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