Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 14 Release Date and Expected Plot

Fruits Basket is a Japanese Manga series. It is also abbreviated as Fruba or Furuba. The series is written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya and Hakusensha published it from 1998 to 2006. The series is tremendously famous amongst the Anime fans globally. Ever since the series has been started people have been gone crazy about it and started following it meticulously.

Fruits Basket Season 2: Plot

The season 2 of the series tries to showcase the tension between Tohru and Akito, the rift between both of these characters. And as a result, the vibe, the environment around them becomes really tense. The tension basically arose when Akito blamed Tohru for some unexpected and unwanted changes in the Sohma Family. This thing certainly disappointed a lot of them.

Later on in the series, Tohru will be seen finally confronting and breaking down. Akito jumps into the scene and he further tries to scare her by saying that no one from the Shoma Family will live that long at all. As we all are very much familiar with the kind of personality Tohru has, she was completely numb after hearing this. She was taken aback and was extremely shocked and shaken on realizing this.

Atiko, as we all know is the head of Zodiacs and is firm on his decision that no one will raise a voice against Tohru. Tohru might either confront Atiko about the Zodiacs and ask them to maintain a distance. Or, she might also end up staying with the Sohma Family after her graduation.

Fruits Basket Season 2: Characters

Tohru Honda
Yuki Soma
Kyo Soma
Shigure Soma

All the seasons of the series are available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can watch the and entire episodes from there. Till then we will keep our search on and we will try to keep you updated as soon as anything comes up.

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