Electrified hinges and Non-electrified hinges explained

Looking to properly understand the difference between electric and non-electric butt hinges? We take a look at this topic in the article below.

Butt hinges are those metallic joints holding your doors to the walls of any building. They are the only reason why it is possible to move your doors back and forth with ease.

So what are electrified butt hinges?

Electrified hinges have a mechanism that allows low voltage current to pass through the hinge and straight to the door. The wiring involved in this mechanism is completely hidden so you won’t have wires propping out your door when you close it or find it difficult to close the door.  The hinges also come in different finishes and can be made of steel or stainless steel base materials. Therefore, you won’t have to make any compromises when choosing to install doors with these types of hinges.

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Apart from making the opening and closing of the door seamless, heavyweight electric butt hinges make it possible for additional technologies to be used on the doors. Technologies like electric locks, access control devices, alarms, etc. work better with electrified hinges.

Who should use electrified hinges?

Electrified hinges are mostly seen in big A-grade homes and business premises that need the security that comes with the installation of doors that have this type of hinges and can also afford the cost of having and maintaining them.  However, anyone that can afford it can bring them into their own building. The common places you will find doors with this type of hinges are:

  • Front doors of homes
  • Doors in a big business establishment
  • Doors in an elderly people’s home

All of these places will benefit from the easy control and increased security provided by doors with electrified hinges.

Non-electrified hinges

These types of hinges are those found on the typical door.  They don’t have any electrical mechanisms and you can oil these hinges without any special preparations when it starts getting noisy. These types of hinges are generally divided into residential and commercial brackets. The residential types are thinner than the commercial types even though they are generally very strong.  Non-electrical hinges can be used in any kind of doors and in any kind of buildings.

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To determine what kind of hinges will work best in your reconstruction or your buildings, you only need to take a look at your immediate needs.  Do you need mechanized security? Do you want a remote-controlled door? 



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