Dwaylon C. Bledsoe wrote a unique Book motivational Poetry Book ‘RISE’ touching everyone’s heart. President Barack Obama Praised.

Dwaylon C. Bledsoe

Dwaylon C. Bledsoe born in Chicago Illinois is a writer who is looking to inspire and encourage others. The vision is to build others up through writing and instead of tearing them down. Through writing Dwaylon wants others to be empowered and realize they are important and they have a purpose in life and whatever they are striving to do they can achieve what they set out to do. To be able to write poetry, short stories, nonfiction inspires Dwaylon to write more and want to share his writing with the world! Dwaylon is looking to make a difference and strive to empower and inspire others.

This interview of Dwaylon C. Bledsoe has been taken by Swapnil Mukherjee

-What inspired you to write a book?

I would say my determination to inspire others. I always found that inspiring others through words is powerful and being able to tell a story that is very touching and helpful inspired me to write a book.

-How many books you have written so far?

I have written 1 book so far. My second book will be released on August 5, 2019.

-Can you tell me in brief about your first book?

RISE is a poetry book filled with motivation and design to empower.

-Okay! that’s Great! I must appreciate you. A motivational book on poetry is really a unique concept I must say.
How did you feel when you have first released your book on poetry?

At first, I was nervous based on not knowing how others will receive my work. At the same time, I felt excited to share my work with others.

-What kind of response you have got from in and around the world?

I got response likes “it was very inspiring” “keep writing” “I have a way with words like former President Barack Obama “it was so encouraging, when is the next book coming out…”

-Your Book is really praiseworthy. Whom do you consider in your life, the inspiration, which drives you to write such a praiseworthy book?

God is my inspiration! My family encouraged me to do what’s best for me.

-Apart from being Author, what other work do you do?

I feel as it is my assignment from God to encourage others. I work full time as a warehouse associate. I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree program too along with that.

-You are an Author and you became famous too. What was your full-proof marketing strategy to promote your book?

I didn’t have a plan. I would post the link on social media all the time and try to encourage others to buy it. I would make flyers about the book and promote it. It wasn’t until someone at the church I attend notice and purchase a copy and start telling everyone and one time it was announced by my pastor to the church.
I also have done trial and error somethings work and some don’t. Word of mouth works, and promotion on some social media work. It just depends. I’m still learning marketing strategies.

-What is your message for the upcoming Authors?

Keep writing no matter what. It could be never wrecking at the beginning to take the risk to publish your work or want to start a blog but take the risk because they are worth it. You can build your confidence and push yourself further by taking the risk. Keep writing because you never know who you can inspire with your writing.

Thanking for giving your valuable time and sharing your wonderful experience with us!


RISE is a collection of poems that are written by Dwaylon Bledsoe. A collection of poems that is an inspirational read with a straightforward reading. A nice read of poems by a writer who looks to encourage and motivate others. A book that is full of motivation, a book that is full of empowering. Come and take a look and expand your horizon. The meaning of this book is to encourage others through writing. Being able to be encouraged through poems that are written to inspire and to give advice to others. The primary goal is to build others up instead of tearing them down. Being able to expand your thinking, expand your views on certain subjects. Be encouraged, stay encouraged! Buy now 

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