Does Basement Waterproofing Really Help?

Basement Waterproofing

Many homeowners are hesitant to make the investment in basement waterproofing because they’re not sure if the results are worth the expense. While there’s no doubt that basement waterproofing is a big investment, the benefits make the cost worthwhile. Basement waterproofing can actually provide a better return on investment than some of the more obvious home improvements, such as bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels. Let’s look at a few of the reasons waterproofing is a smart move that adds value to virtually any home.

Killing Mold

Mold growth can cause health problems in anyone who lives in an infested home, but it poses a particular risk for small children and individuals who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma.  In some cases, black mold can even be lethal. Mold needs moisture to survive and grow in a damp basement; since basement waterproofing effectively seals out moisture, it takes away mold’s main food source and kills it. A properly waterproofed basement won’t see mold returning in the future.

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Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

A home’s foundation is susceptible to water damage, and repairing a broken foundation is a huge, costly endeavor. Water penetrates the walls of the foundation and causes cracks; when a foundation remains cracked and damaged for a long period of time, it may even collapse. Working with a professional waterproofing company to waterproof your basement allows you to invest in your home and avoid any hefty foundation repair bills in the future.

Increasing Your Home’s Resale Value

In addition to protecting your home from dangerous mold and costly foundation damage, basement waterproofing can make a real difference in your home’s resale value. Nobody wants to buy a home with water damage or a mold problem. These problems will drive down the price of your home and make it more difficult to sell. Having your basement waterproofed can help you get the best selling price for your home.

Adding Livable Space to Your Home

If your basement is damp or prone to leaks, you’re probably reluctant to turn it into a furnished living space. A finished basement can add a huge amount of livable space to a home. Play areas, home offices, exercise rooms, and guest bedrooms are common uses of a finished basement. Even if you’d prefer to use your basement as an additional storage space, a professional waterproofing job can give you the confidence that your belongings will be safe from mold and water damage.

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It’s clear that basement waterproofing is money well spent. Not only does it improve your home’s resale value, but it protects your home from costly and destructive water damage. A quality waterproofing job can even allow you to finish your basement and add more livable space to your home. Many homeowners put up with leaky, damp basements because they’re concerned about the cost of waterproofing. Not only is an ongoing moisture problem a real turnoff to prospective buyers, but it also sets the stage for serious structural problems down the road. In the majority of cases, a good basement waterproofing job is an excellent investment in your home’s future.

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