Do a little math before cutting the cord

Do a little math before cutting the cord

On average, an American spends nearly 3 hours a day watching TV. We all like watching TV. But what about those hundreds of useless channels which we don’t even watch as they are either boring or in a language which we don’t understand. Yet we end up paying for all those channels which are not even of any use.

The cable is not cheap. It’s a recurring expense and it can put a dent in the budget if you are not careful. So the idea of paying for only those channels which you watch, and paying nominal monthly fees sounds great

This is why it would be a good decision to join the growing ranks of consumers who have “cut the cord” and are now getting their favorite TV shows, movies, and even live sports through the internet and streaming services.

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Good things are always complicated and so is cutting the cord. In today’s world, there are so many streaming options that it’s hard to settle on only one or two. A little bit here and there, and cord-cutters might end up paying more than traditional cable, and that is what exactly streaming companies will never want you to know.

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Streaming has its own advantage over cable. It gives you on-demand programming. You can watch whatever you want irrespective of whatever time it is and wherever you are. But there’s a catch as well. While switching to streaming, be a little careful and do a little calculation in subscribing channels, or else you might actually end up paying more.

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