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Biography of Christopher Stokowski, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Recently, you must have come across the name Christopher Stokowski, and the irony is there is not any information available about except his name and his heritage. About 40 years ago, Christopher Stokowski estranged himself from his family and disappeared from the public eye was not found anywhere and never been heard until the year 2016 – when he makes his entrance again.

Biography of Christopher Stokowski – His family background and age

To say the least Christopher’s family tree is healthy. It is included with everyone from public scandals to heartbreaks to luxurious lifestyles and celebrities. This turbulent lifestyle made Christopher Stokowski run away from all these dramas and spend a simple life far from his family and usual routine.

Christopher is the son of Leopold Stokowski. Leopold was born in the year 1882 and was the renowned orchestra conductor of the 20th century. He notably appeared in 1940 film Fantasia by Disney among others. He was also the prominent music director for many of orchestras. Christopher’s mother and Leopold in the year 1900s attended the same parish where Christopher’s dad was the choir organist and director.

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Christopher Stokowski is the son of Leopold’s third marriage. From his father’s previous marriage, Christopher has step-siblings. Sonia Maria Noel is the eldest step-sister of Christopher who is also an actress. He has two other step-sisters named Andrea Sadja Stokowski and Gloria Luba Stokowski who came from Christopher’s father’s second marriage to Evangeline Johnson who is Johnson & Johnson heiress.

The third wife of Leopold and Christopher’s mother is Gloria Laura Vanderbilt. She was born in the year 1924 and was in the limelight since then. When Gloria was just ten years old, she became the hot topic amidst the high-profile child custody case in the 20th century, and the entire case was well-documented in many magazines and papers. In the legal situation, Gloria’s aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and mother Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt fought against each other to gain her lawful custody.

Mother of Christopher always grew up in the environment, which is affluence by wealth and luxury. When she was 15 years old, she was living in Hollywood without any supervision and enjoying a carefree life. Her beauty and youth, along with his famous family name, played a significant role in her relationships with many prominent personalities and celebrities at that time. Due to all this, she also had a failed marriage with an agent named Pasquale Di Cicco who used to abuse her physically.

After a few weeks of ending her marriage with Di Cicco, she got married to Leopold who was 43 years of age at that time. Moreover, she was just 20 years of age at that time. In the year 1950, she gave birth to their first child named Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, and two years later in the year 1952, Christopher Stokowski was born.

For twelve years, Christopher Stokowski’s parents were together and eventually ended up in divorce. His mother kept searching for true love, which ended up in two more marriages. Therefore, Christopher has more step-siblings. She married to author Wyatt Cooper when her third marriage also failed with movie director Sidney Lumet. Due to the close-knit family of Wyatt, Christopher’s mother found the family comfort which has been searching for long. Both have two children together, and unfortunately, in the year, 1978, Wyatt died due to failed bypass heart surgery. With Wyatt and Christopher’s mother, they have two sons named, Anderson Hays Cooper born in the year 1967 and favorite CNN correspondent. The other one born in the year 1965, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper.

Why Christopher Stokowski left his family?

Christopher, from an early age, was a shy kid. After his mother and father got divorced, Gloria won the custody of both Christopher and his younger brother. However, with Christopher, his mother’s celebrity lifestyle did not settle well. When his mother got married to Wyatt and gave birth to two of their sons Anderson and Carter, Christopher felt detached from his mother’s attention and love.

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Christopher led the solitary life as a student in Bard College, and at the same time he was carving out his name as a musician, so he decided to distance himself from the “Stokowski” name. For some time, Christopher lived with his mother in Wyatt’s house along with his step-brother Anderson, and in one of the statements, Anderson mentioned that it helped them to tighten the bond between them.

In the year 1974, Christopher Stokowski found his love and her name was April Sandmeyer. When the couple was busy planning their wedding, Christopher got the news about his father’s ill-health. This news led to a series of severe and tragic events that disturbed Christopher’s life. In the year 1977, his father died when his mother’s husband Wyatt died.

Shortly, his mother started seeking counsel from young and handsome therapist Dr. Christ L. Zois. Gloria began trusting Zois and spent much money on him. He also sometimes advises Gloria about her children’s romantic involvements and other matters.

Sometimes later, it was disclosed that Dr. Zois are intruding into April Sandmeyer and Christopher’s relationship. He has also been giving heart-breaking and disparaging remarks to Gloria. April was so heart-broken that she broke off her engagement with Christopher. Hence, Christopher had enough of all of this and eventually left everything behind, leaving his family, explicitly souring his relationship with his mother.

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Chris bid goodbye to his mother Gloria and left the house in an attempt to win back his fiancée April. However, all his efforts were in vain. Christopher Stokowski was just 26 years old at the time when he decided to walk away from all of it. He even told his mother he was leaving New York for good and was never coming back. Christopher Stokowski eventually cut himself from the entire family and never came back even when his younger brother Carter ten years later committed suicide.

Christopher Stokowski – Family Reunion

In the year 2016 of April 9th, HBO released a revealing and riveting feature documentary titled Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper. The documentary was mainly involved in a candid conversation with Christopher’s half-brother Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. The viewers of the documentary received and perceived an in-depth look down on memory lane of Gloria’s equally successful and disastrous past.

However, critics quickly pointed out the fact that the documentary revealed nothing about Christopher. A move that Gloria revealed in the documentary said was out of love. She mentioned that when Christopher left, he left for good as she wanted to stay out of the public eye. She concluded that she decided to go Christopher out of the documentary as she tried to respect his wishes of remaining out of the media and the public eye.

However, the documentary proved to be a masterstroke as soon after the release of the movie Christopher reunited with his family. He also connected with his ex-fiancée April Sandmeyer who also then connected him to his family. By November in the year 2016, Harry Cooper, his uncle, revealed that he already connected with his family three times since the movie was released.

Net Worth of Christopher Stokowski

Thirty-eight years of exile in Christopher’s life does not do much of financial harm to him as he came from two most famous family named – Vanderbilt and Stokowski.

His father Leopold was a globally famous music composer and director that accumulated a good fortune in his career. In the year 1977, when he died, he left a massive chunk of his music fortune to Christopher.

Again, from the Vanderbilt (Gloria), Christopher had two step-siblings Anderson and Carter as well as a brother Leopold Stanislaus. On the other hand, when Carter committed suicide in the year 1988, Anderson at the same time publicly admitted he does not want any inheritance from his mother’s side (worth $200 million) then Christopher’s fortune size got more prominent.

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There are no online or offline sources or other verifiable records that can state the figures of Christopher’s net worth. However, keeping his inheritance in mind from both his parent’s side, we can easily say that money is least of his concerns.

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