Learn to Self Heal by Christina Richter has become the Strategy of Well being for every people across the Globe.

Christina Richter is a Health Care Professional, Author, Registered Nurse, and Medical Astrologer. She was born and educated in Wellington New Zealand. Her Nursing training and Medical Astrology was achieved in Sydney Australia.

Christina is a full-time Consulting Astrologer, Teacher, and Author. Christina has had 35 years in mainstream medicine, with studies in Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Colour Therapy and Astrology making her an authority in her field, Christina Specializes in Medical Astrology.

Leading Author Christina Richter  has been interviewed by Swapnil Mukherjee

– What inspired you to write a book?

After many years in nursing, I came to realize that there was more to optimal health than just the medical model. I studied Energy Medicine and this opens my understanding and investigative mind into seeking other options of healing. This put me on the path to study Ayurveda, Colour Therapy, Herbalism, and Medical Astrology.

-How many books you have written?

I have written two books so far.

‘Learn to Self Heal’ and ‘My Fathers Fhilosphy’ both are available on Amazon.

– Whom do you consider as your role model behind writing your book?

Learn to Self-heal’s role model was all the patients I nursed that were dissatisfied with Conventional Medicine but felt they had no other options.

And My Fathers Fhilosphy was written after my Dad passed away recently.

– Which book did you have published for the first time and when?

Learn to Self-heal 2018 Published with White light Publishing Melbourne Australia

– How did you feel after publishing your first book?

I felt like I have achieved something very special. I felt happy and proud as due to my dyslexia I never thought I could write an actual book.

-What book you have published recently? Tell me something about your book in a nutshell.

‘Learn to Self-heal’ is an innovative guide to health using time tested healing wisdom of Medical astrology, Ayurveda healing, and Spiritual health. This book is easy to read, enjoyable, and well-written guide. Christina explains simply and practical steps to gain a greater understanding of your body, your mind, with many options that will lead you to holistic health. It includes inspirational stories of people’s journey towards wholeness, delicious recipes, and will open your thinking to effective ways to gain and maintain the health you deserve.

– What message do you want to give to your readers?

Listen to your body. It will tell you when some in life is not going as it should. If your environment, situation, or bad habits do not change then there is a good chance illness will be the result.

Looking at your Astrology chart can highlight body weakness, how to strengthen them, and how long illness may last.

Your Astrology chart is a personal blueprint that you bring into this life and therein holds all the answers.

Live in full energy.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful experience and for giving your valuable time.

Christina’s passion for astrology, combined with her spiritual beliefs, developed her interest in holistic medicine. A Registered Nurse with many years’ experience, she qualified in Indian Ayurveda healing and has, through her own research and practical application, become aware that the average person’s well-being can be maintained, indeed improved, by a range of alternative practices.

She does not discount Western Medicine but believes that in many instances the answers lie elsewhere and an open mind is crucial to our emotional and physical well-being. Aware that there was nothing available for the average person to acquaint them with these other beliefs, she has written this book designed to explain other health options and ideologies and provide a detailed description of each. Written in a very easy-to-read style, she has still managed to provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding. So if your well-being is important to you, you will find this book invaluable. Christina practices worldwide and lives in sunny Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She can be contacted at christinastrology.com. BUY NOW.

My Father’s Philosophy was inspired by Christina’s father who passed away at the age of 86 years young. As a young man, he emigrated from Germany to New Zealand and was an unskilled laborer who did not speak English. He spent 60 years living, learning, and raising a family in a country he loved and came to call home. A modest man with a traumatic past, he lived simply, worked hard, loved his garden, and provided for his family.
Through his challenges and achievements, he demonstrated how one should live one’s life with honesty, integrity, spirituality, and hard work. These were the cornerstones of Christina’s upbringing with this remarkable man. Over time and with much inward thought, he developed and shared with those he loved, a philosophy of life which is the inspiration for this book. BUY NOW.



This is a good book for anyone who wants a sound introduction to holistic health practices. Christina is drawing on her experiences as a nurse, an astrologer, and complementary health to give both an overview and useful details on how you can optimize your well-being. She draws together many threads and weaves them into a helpful whole. I particularly liked the tips she offers from Ayurveda and the practical suggestions for making better use of the day based on body rhythms and what works best at particular times. There is something here for everyone. There are lots of texts on holistic health and self-help but this is a solidly practical guide that draws together material from many sources and makes it simple (without being simplistic) and accessible. If you aren’t sure where to start, why not start here?
Roderick Kidston

Truly fascinating! I have learned so much from this book. It was easy to read and gives a concise overview of many different therapies, perfect for those new to holistic health and those looking for ways to heal themselves and their loved ones. This book is also full of useful suggestions that people can implement immediately to improve their health, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves
Rachel Lewis Massage Therapist

Just read Christina’s new book “Learn to Self-Heal.” From the foreword, I could tell I liked her approach. It’s a comfortable read that confirmed some aspects of myself and enlightened me and increased my curiosity in others. Diving back in to explore it some more.
J Leaf

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