Choose the Right Platform for Authoring Your Online Tests

Right Platform for Authoring Your Online Tests

Tests help evaluate the knowledge of students on a specific topic. It helps in identifying key focus areas and acts as a medium to monitor its growth.

Online tests are user-friendly as the test taker can get started by tapping the “click here” option. They offer a seamless experience to the test takers and the evaluator.

Having the right platform supports the smooth functioning of the online test. Considering the below points shall help you in selecting the most appropriate platform.

Determining the Test Type

There are various types of tests for multiple proficiencies, requiring different authoring tools. An authoring tool is a software program that professionally supports the creation of digital content. The content can be saved in the learning management system (LMS) in various formats.

A flexible platform helps in designing simple as well as complex test types. Various test types include multiple-choice questions, essays, or descriptive answers, fill in the blanks, or combine different test types. Therefore, you must be clear about your test objective and the nature of the analytic output needed.

Make the Test Accessible 

Technology makes an online test accessible to all. With its advancement, students with special abilities can also take the test with equal ease and convenience. Accessibility helps in bringing the test to a large number of varied users.

The test should offer “click here” options for smooth navigation from one place to another. It should also have appropriate color, audiovisual elements, zoom feature, text-to-speech, and a user-friendly interface.

Support Customisation  

If your test comprises more than one unit, the platform should support using different tools for each unit as required. The test design could also include other features like shuffling the order of questions, limiting the maximum number of attempts, and a countdown timer.

The test output should be delivered quickly, capturing analytical details like the total number of questions, unattempted questions, correct and incorrect answers, and time consumed.

Seamless Integration 

The platform should support the seamless integration of the new technology with the existing system. Lack of integration may also cause a test failure. You should be able to use the existing LMS smoothly to review and analyze the results seamlessly.

Updates made in the LMS shall get reflected in the assessment platform. Likewise, any changes made in the platform shall reflect in the LMS.

Question Bank

It is essential to evaluate a student based on his or her understanding of a concept. Memorizing the questions and their answers before a test is not intelligence. A student should be evaluated based on their logical reasoning for selecting a particular response.

Having a question bank that caters to different levels of difficulties can make a test more effective. This also helps the school authorities understand how the concept is evident in a child’s mind.

Safeguarded Platform 

There are multiple stakeholders to a test, including the test taker and the school authorities. It is essential to get all personal and confidential information well shielded. There should be provisions for reviewing security controls and ensuring the safe exchange of data.

A Scalable System 

The platform should allow multiple users from different locations to take the test simultaneously. The school authorities may organize an online test on their premises, or students may take it from their home.

The test should not consume a lot of bandwidth and should support decent connectivity. Technical glitches, such as power failure or non-responsiveness of the system, should be taken care of by having an option to begin from the last attempted question.

With the right platform, you can authorize an online test to have a seamless experience and a quick and accurate output. For a feature-filled platform, click here.

Right Platform for Authoring Your Online Tests
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