China Threatens Military Action if Taiwan, South China Sea Claims Continue

The defence minister of China has warned that Military will be taking determined action to defend Beijing’s claims over self-ruled Taiwan which is currently autonomously ruled, under a dispute with South China Sea waters.

In Singapore for an annual security conference, Wei Fenghe said that the PLA, People’s Liberation Army, will take premeditated action and aim to defeat all enemies if the situation arises where persons attempt to cross the bottom line.

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While making a statement about the disputed land where several claims stand from its neighbors in the South China Sea, he attempted to protect the right of China to build what he called limited defence facilities on it.

The acting Defence Secretary of the USA, Patrick Shanahan addressed the very same crowd and called China’s actions to make military bases and manned outposts in the South China Sea are ‘toolkits of coercion’, and that Beijing’s hostility towards the US must reach conclusion.

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