Ride With Harley series by Cassandra Parker is creating buzz among young readers.

Cassandra Parker is an author. She resides in the USA. She has published the Ride With Harley series and numerous short stories to date. Cassandra loves clean and wholesome romantic stories. Her stories include historical references to the late 60’s through the mid-70’s. She is currently working on book four in her Ride With Harley series.

Cassandra Parker loves living life to the fullest. She has participated in rock climbing, bicycling, hiking, painting, sketching, and was trained in outdoor survival techniques. Her passion is storytelling. She was a college disc jockey too.

Renowned American Author Cassandra Parker has been interviewed by Swapnil Mukherjee.

– Your Life is quite inspiring for others. And your book is quite unique and different from other mainstream Authors’. What actually inspired you to pen down ‘Ride With Harley series‘?

I once knew a young man who believed in living life. He encouraged me to follow my own path and to incorporate some of my experiences in a novel.

– When you started writing your book and how it was published?

I wrote the first book in 2016 and it was published later the same year. Book two came out in 2017 and book three in 2019. Book four is due out late this year or early next year. The books were published as indie press books.

– Okay! So, how many books you have written so far?

I have written four books in total till now.

– The Old Mill House was my first but it was more of a novella than a full book. Harley & Me was my first full-length novel. Ironically, it is book two in the Ride With Harley series.

– Okay! That’s quite interesting. I am eager to know more about your other books. Can you tell me in detail about your books?

I would love to tell you about all the books that I have written so far.

~ The Old Mill House

The Old Mill House is a paranormal romance centered around an old house. A young man buys the building and begins to restore it. He meets a young woman who claims to live in the house. Whenever she is around, he sees the building as it once was. Over time he comes to love her. Eventually, he learns she is a ghost. Her spirit is tied to the house where her body was buried.

~ Harley’s Redemption

This is a coming of age tale about a young man. Harley was born into a wealthy family. He grew up feeling unloved. He loved motorcycles and vintage cars and started his own business when he was sixteen. During this time he met and proposed marriage to a young lady who rejected him outright. Despondent, he turned to illicit drugs and alcohol. He wrecked his motorcycle and wound up in the hospital. His beloved Nanny, the family butler, had him committed to a rehabilitation center. In the hospital, Harley has a vision of a young woman telling him the life, he was living was not for him. living was not for him. Now clean of drugs and alcohol Harley sets out on a cross country trip with his Nanny, Garrett. This trip takes Harley all over the US in search of his soulmate. He sees first hand the injustices done to people of other countries and military veterans. He reopens his business in Ohio and begins to serve other people less fortunate than he is by providing job training, work, and helping minister to their needs. It is in Ohio where he meets the woman in his visions and begins the love of his life.

~ Harley & Me

This story is told from Mari’s point of view. It is the story of Harley’s pursuit to win her heart. Mari is a disc jockey at the college campus radio station. Harley introduces himself one day. To Mari, he looks like a dangerous biker. He is decked out in leather. Black leather jacket, black jeans, black helmet, chains, black gloves. Everything told her to stay away from him. Harley is persistent and gets her to agree to a date. The date becomes a weekend trip to a wolf rehabilitation center. This is their journey of concerts, picnics, hikes, building an environmentally friendly campground. Mari learns Harley is not the bad boy he presents himself as. He is a kind and generous person always seeking ways to help the less fortunate. He is also a devilish prankster. Through laughter, adventure, and tears their love grows.

~ Harley’s Return

This story is told by both Harley and Mari. Mari and Garrett believe Harley has died. Harley, struggling through cancer treatment, must find a way to reunite with the people he loves. Eventually, he is able to convince them he is alive in a hospital in New York City. Garrett travels to New York to rescue him from his greedy family and bring him home. Once home, Harley regains his strength and marries Mari but their time is short-lived.

– working with any other book, that is going to publish recently?

Yes, Garrett & Harley is my current work in process. It should be published later this year. I’m also working on notes for the final book Harley’s Legacy.

– The title of your books are very much interesting, especially in ‘Ride With Harley series’. What drives you to choose such interesting titles?

Each title reflects some aspect of the book. Harley’s Redemption is about how he struggled to redeem or free himself from a life of debauchery and addiction.
Harley & Me is about finding true love and learning that when you really love someone you never say goodbye.
Harley’s Return. This is about how struggle makes you stronger and you learn to appreciate even the smallest things. How precious each moment with a loved one can see a person through life.
I try to choose titles that reflect the core essence of each book.

– After writing these books, people started recognizing you. Along with your readers, your fans have also increased. How much your life has changed after becoming a renowned Author?

I get told every day how much the books have touched their lives. One reader said the books taught him how to be a better person. Another said the books taught her not to take her life, family, and friends for granted. Still, another said she learned the history that she enjoyed reading. It seems everyone came away with positive influences in their lives. That’s been the biggest and best change for me, seeing how my stories affected people for the good.

– What message do you want to give to your Readers and Fans through this interview?

Tomorrow is not promised to us. Live each day as if it was your last. When you see someone struggling, do what you can to make their burden a little lighter. It might be a smile, a hello, paying for groceries, saying a prayer, a pat on the back, or a hug. This tells that person someone cares. If everyone did just one act of kindness a day imagine how we can change lives for the better.

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