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Billy Bretherton: Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Facts and More

Billy Bretherton was first introduced to the world in 2005 during season five of Dirty Jobs. He had a few more appearances before starring in Billy the Exterminator. But Billy the Exterminator is the show that brought him to the spotlight. As the name implies, Billy is an exterminator who served the Shreveport-Bossier metropolitan region. He was the owner of Vexcon Animal and Pest Control in LA. He has since relocated to the north for personal reasons. However, Billy has a far more enjoyable story to tell.

If you are interested in a glance at the reality show star’s life, then you are welcome here. Furthermore, we will be throwing ample light on Billy Bretherton’s personal life as well.

Birth and Family

William ‘Billy’ Bretherton took birth in Louisiana, United States, on September 16, 1968. Billy’s parents are Big Bill and Donnie Bretherton. Their ancestors are unknown. Billy holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity. In spite of his status as a reality TV star, Billy prefers to keep his personal life private. As a result, there is significantly less information about his exact birthplace or his family.

Education and Childhood

Billy was raised in Benton, Louisiana, by his father, Billy Senior and mother, Donnie. Ricky Bretherton is his only sibling. They fantasized about being actors during their childhood. As a result, they began attending acting classes when they were nine years old. Billy graduated from a local Benton high school. Nonetheless, he did not attend college. But he wanted to work in police enforcement.

Billy Bretherton was physically quite active during his four years in high school. He played football and basketball before dropping out following matriculation. He still plays soccer with his pals and the cast of Billy the Exterminator occasionally.

Billy Bretherton & His Early Years

Billy enlisted in the US Air Force at the age of 19 with the idea of becoming a police officer. However, his military entrance exam revealed that he had a remarkable aptitude for biology and entomology. He went on to learn these subjects. As a result, this laid the groundwork for his further career in eradication. As a Senior Airman, Billy took the job at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Henceforth, his career began there.

Following his service in the United States Air Force, he relocated to Benton, Louisiana. There, he founded Vexcon Animal and Pest Control. Billy claims that his father put his retirement money into him and his brother to start their own business. The family split up the jobs within the company. Billy, his brother, and his father started working in the field. They began removing a variety of pests from people’s homes and private ponds. And the pests range from tiny ants to giant snakes. His mother started running the office. He quickly rose to fame as a result of his involvement in the pest control industry.

Billy Bretherton & His Professional Career

Billy explained that Pilgrim Films called him up in 2004. They asked if he wanted to shoot a plot for Discovery Channel – a reality pest control show. He also said that Discovery had interviewed over 200 companies before coming across and liking them. They sent out scouts who rode around with them for a day and determined that they were suitable for filming. That is how they ended up on Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs. The Spike network also proposed to do the rest of the show.

Billy Bretherton & TV Series

In 2005, Billy appeared in numerous episodes of the Discovery Channel TV series Dirty Jobs. The show also starred Mike Rowe, for his work as a pest control expert. Mike dealt with the state’s worst insect and animal removal issues. Further, Billy’s episode received the attention of A&E TV producers. They wanted to launch a reality program on his pest control business. Thus, Billy the Exterminator was born.

Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator is a reality television show that aired on the A&E network in the United States. It covered Billy’s professional life and day-to-day activities. These included his method of transferring trapped animals as well as their accounts and additional information. They used to talk about issues such as diseases they might carry. Billy drew a large following for his television appearances in which he exterminated rats, roaches, and other pests. In particular, he is famous for his use of natural pest management methods. His well-known ‘hands-on’ approach, and his use of organic and non-chemical insecticides is also popular. Also, they are environmentally friendly.

Billy BrethertonAs a matter of fact, Billy and his brother were the show’s protagonists. It also featured other family members, including his parents, who provided comic relief on several occasions. The show was such a hit that A&E renewed it for five more seasons under a different name. Its initial name was The Exterminators. But before the airing of the second season, it was renamed Billy the Exterminator. From the fourth season onwards, the show took a different slant. They started following the Bretherton brothers as they travelled around the country. The brothers aided various local exterminators. They also assisted wildlife rescue services in their pest control efforts. At the same time, they continued to perform in Louisiana.

The show concluded its successful six-season run in 2012. This time Billy left his family’s extermination business in Louisiana. Subsequently, Billy Bretherton moved to Illinois, claiming family concerns. Billy the Exterminator attracted millions of viewers around the world. Therefore, this drove Billy to stardom and significantly increased his fortune.

Details of Billy the Exterminator seasons

  • Season 1 aired on February 4, 2009, and ended on April 29, 2009. It had a total of 13 episodes.
  • Season 2 aired on March 10, 2010, and ended on July 21, 2010. It had a total of 20 episodes.
  • Season 3 aired on October 5, 2010, and ended on December 14, 2010. It had a total of 16 episodes.
  • Season 4 aired on August 2, 2011, and ended on September 13, 2011. It had a total of 12 episodes.
  • Season 5 aired on February 11, 2012, and ended on March 10, 2012. It had a total of 11 episodes.
  • Season 6 aired on October 6, 2012, and ended on December 22, 2012. It had a total of 16 episodes.
  • Season 7 aired on September 9, 2016, and ended on November 25, 2016. It had a total of 12 episodes.

Billy BrethertonThe whole show aired on the ANE network. Nonetheless, the last season was on CMT Canada.

Vexcon the Exterminator

Billy’s brother launched the YouTube video Vexcon the Exterminators in 2015. And, he  claimed that “the exterminators are back”. However, it had a brief run and did not gain many fans.

Canadian Country Music Television also decided to create a new reality TV series. There, they came up with the name – Billy Goes North. The US picked this up in 2017 as the seventh season of the original Billy the Exterminator show. This showed Billy and other exterminators tackling pests that they couldn’t handle usually. There have been no fresh episodes of the show since then.

Billy Bretherton & His Personal Life

Billy married the love of his life, Mary Bretherton, in the ’90s. Mr. Billy and his better-half Mary have a son together. Bryce Bretherton is the name of their son.

Mary and her husband appeared in the first season of the Billy the Exterminator series. But she later decided to no longer be a part of the show. She did not appear in the show after the first season ever. This resulted in rumors spreading swiftly on the Internet. People assumed Billy and Mary had divorced. However, there has been no sign of their splitting up.

Rick, Billy’s brother, married a lady named Pam. Unfortunately though, no one in the family, including Billy, liked her. And that couple split not long after their marriage. Rumors have it that Rick forced her to leave after a disagreement. Some sources claim that Billy was married before Mary. But he has never verified this.

Also, there were rumors that they fought about Mary’s alleged pregnancy. Mary supposedly failed to inform Billy of her pregnancy, according to notions. However, Mary was not genuinely pregnant. And the rumor was absolutely untrue. Billy was furious over the story. This one disagreement over the pregnancy got really heated. Further, it turned into a series of debates, arguments, and issues.

Billy was not a mere onlooker in their quarrels. Also, there were rumors that he was having a steady affair with his brother’s wife, Pam. The romance was going on at the same time as Billy and Mary’s fights.

Billy Bretherton’s Controversy

The news that the popular pest specialist had quit the family firm in 2012 stunned the public. Billy’s ‘leave due to family concerns’ turned out to be his and his wife’s arrest. This was done by Louisiana police on a drug possession warrant weeks before the sixth season started.

According to newspaper reports, the police came to a hotel room where the pair had put up in Bossier City. They discovered the couple smoking marijuana. Nonetheless, the allegations were not too serious. Police freed the duo after discovering fair amounts of synthetic marijuana with them. They also found a gadget typically used for consuming narcotics. Billy received a year’s trial. Also, the jury fined him $500 with community service.

Billy Bretherton & His Net Worth

Billy has a net worth of around $500K, which he obtained primarily through his Billy the Exterminator show. His Vexcon Pest Control firm, infrequent ad collabs have also contributed a lot to his income.

Billy Bretherton & His Allergies

People can get allergies to bee and wasp stings after being stung. As odd as it may sound, this is what happened to Billy. This got terrible, given his vocation. With that stated, his allergy to bee and wasp stings are said to have faded with time. Undoubtedly, this is great news.

Billy Bretherton’s Personal Style

Billy’s distinctive dress style has attracted a lot of attention. Black leather clothing, zippers, t-shirts with metal bands, cowboy hats, and hefty jewellery with varied steel studs serve as his typical dress. In terms of his outlook, the spikey-haired Billy Bretherton has green eyes and frequently wears sunglasses. He has not given any information about his body measurements to his audience. But the cast says he is 5’8″ (1.72 m) tall and weighs around 145 lbs (66 kg). He is 53 years old. Billy Bretherton has long brown hair and black eyes.

Billy Bretherton’s Commonly Googled Facts

Therefore, we bring you the most common searches on the Internet related to Billy Bretherton.

Billy Bretherton in 2021

Billy the Exterminator actor Billy Bretherton did return with a new season on A&E last year. This was almost after nearly a five year-long gap. But since then there has been no news about the show. But we do have good news for the readers. Billy Bretherton has started a new show named Vexcon Pest Control. You can find out more about this at his Instagram. His Instagram ID is @billytheexterminatorsupport.

Billy Bretherton Son

Billy and his wife Mary have a son together, named Bryce Bretherton. Bryce opened a TikTok account this year. The TikTok account features many feats of his Dad. It contains many behind the scenes clips as well. You can find out more about this at his TikTok.

Billy Bretherton Daughter

He does not have a daughter yet; there were once rumours of his wife getting pregnant. But that never really happened. Bryce is their only lovely son.

Billy Bretherton Wife

Billy married the love of his life, Mary Bretherton, in the ’90s. Mary and her husband appeared in the first season of Billy The Exterminator series. Yet, she later on decided to quit the show.

Billy Bretherton Wiki

The animal lover does have a wiki page of his own. We do not know if fans made this up or not. But you can find his wiki by searching Billy the Exterminator on Google. It keeps track of a lot about his life on and off camera.

Billy Bretherton Death

He is completely well and alive. There were many rumors of him dying of snake bites. But, thankfully, none of them was true.

Billy Bretherton Arrest

According to newspaper reports, the police came to a hotel room where Billy was staying in Bossier City. They discovered him smoking marijuana with his wife, Mary. Nevertheless, the allegations were not too serious. The police let them go after finding little amounts of synthetic marijuana and a gadget typically used for consuming narcotics. Billy received a year’s probation though. The jury fined him $500 with community service.

Billy Bretherton New Show

After taking time to recover from his arrest, Billy has finally been able to put his problems behind him. This is evident from the fact that he is now the star of Billy Goes North. It is a new reality TV show on the Canadian cable channel CMT. The show is now airing in the United States as the seventh season of Billy the Exterminator, which came as happy news to his fans.

Billy Bretherton Age

Billy is 53 years old as of now. He took birth in 1968.

Billy Bretherton Sun Sign

His sun sign is Virgo.

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