Best Mailinator alternatives

mailinator alternatives

There are several situations where you would want to have a disposable email address. Instant email generators can be extremely helpful in this context. They help you get a few instant email IDs so that you can use them for your temporary requirements. Mailinator is one such excellent and popular option. However, you may be looking ahead to an alternative to Mailinator for one or the other reason.  If you are one of those, here are a few best Mailinator alternatives you can go with.

mailinator alternatives

Why is an Instant Email Generator needed?

Almost every other website expects you to have access to your email. In fact, if you use your original email address, you will be forced to get unsolicited emails from them which can get really annoying. Moreover, they would also sell your email ID to third-party vendors who may use it to send further spam emails and messages.

That is perhaps the only reason you would want to have access to an email address that can be disposed of off once your work is done. Mailinator is one such platform that provides you access to plenty of temporary email addresses you can use to register on third party websites.

However, some of these websites have become practical and block certain domains as they know these domains are used for temporary addresses. If you find your Mailinator email address is not accepted, you can check out the Mailinator Alternatives for exceptional service.

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From that context, here are a few options for the best alternatives for Mailinator.

Best Mailinator Alternatives in 2019

Guerrilla Mail

It is one of the most widely used disposable email address generators. One of the efficient Mailinator alternatives, it offers you an email address that stays active as long as the session is active. All the emails received after the period of one hour are automatically deleted.

The random email ID generated with Guerrilla Mail and you can customize it to suit your exact needs. The service offers you up to 11 domain names to choose from. The best part with Guerrilla mail as the right option for use as an alternative to Mailinator is that they do not need you to register or sign up.

10 Minute Mail

The name should indicate what it does. It is an excellent Mailinator alternative and lets you have your new email ID for exactly 10 minutes. You just need to visit a dynamically designed website that provides you access to an email that lasts ten minutes and is gone after that.

We would rate it as the best and straight forward temporary email address generator. While the email address lasts ten minutes, you can extend it further if you need it refreshing the page. You can have access to a countdown timer so that you can keep track of how long does your email ID lasts.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator does exactly what its name suggests. It helps you create a fake email address so that you can use it to register on any website. You can use the inbox for the email address temporarily to get confirmation on the different websites and confirm your registration. Once that done, you no longer need the email address for any purpose as such.

You can use the email address randomly generated for you or you can even create a specific email address based on your requirements. The website offers you access to over ten different domains for your disposable email address.


You have a simple and easy to use website with an option to generate your random email address. You can use the random email generator option to create a random email address. The service also lets you create a customized email address with your own name. Do note, however, that the email address comes with the company domain name.

The website also has an inbox for your fake email ID so that you can register for your website or any other service and then get back to the Dispostable website to confirm your subscription. You have the option to create multiple disposable email addresses as you would want to. The read messages are removed after two months and read messages after two days automatically.


NADA is one of the highly popular fake email generators and a perfect choice for use with website registration purposes. An excellent option for Mailinator Alternatives, it provides you a simple and straightforward option for the purpose. You get your fake email address and the inbox ready as soon as you open the website.

NADA comes with a good collection of domains. But there is catch here. You can not choose the email address or the domain name yourself.  NADA assigns you a domain and email address and you have no say in how to get it. You are free to add multiple inboxes and email addresses, and for the subsequent email addresses generated using the website, you can choose the domain name. Your messages will be automatically deleted after seven days.

Mint Email

Yet another excellent and simple email generator you can trust, Mint Email is one of the best options you would want to go with. The granted email address is shown at the top and you can customize it to suit your requirements.

The website keeps checking for any of the emails received on the email address generated on it and helps you respond if you want to. The website also features a bookmark section that would be helpful enough in bookmarking your email address.

Choose your favorite Mailinator Alternatives

Those were a few exciting options that serve the purpose for you in choosing a disposable email address. Of course, Mailinator is an excellent option in this context, but if you are looking for the Mailinator alternatives, the options featured in this compilation should help you make a choice for the best alternative. We assure you that all the websites listed here are genuine and have been tested by us.

Check out the best Mailinator alternatives featured here and check out which works the best for you.

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