Best Apoquel Alternatives for dogs and cats

apoquel alternatives

If you have been a dog owner or have other pets, you would be aware of the persistent issue of allergies that they normally tend to go through. In fact, the allergies in dogs can reach alarming proportions if it is not taken care of in time. Apoquel has been one of the common options to tackle this menace. However, Apoquel may not always be the right solution and can even turn out to be a nightmare if you are not careful. That is exactly what prompted us to find the best Apoquel alternatives for dogs.apoquel alternativesWhy Apoquel is not a good option?

Well, Apoquel does come with its own disadvantages. It makes your dog or other pet more dependent on the drug. To begin with, it can play havoc on the immune system of your dog. In fact, if you stop administering Apoquel, the symptoms of allergy can become difficult to control and handle.

A dog introduced to Apoquel will be on it for years. This will mean you will continue to damage your pet’s immune system year after year and thus end up destroying its natural instinctive capacity to fight any sort of health issues on its own. That is where it would be important to look for Apoquel natural alternatives.

Best Natural Apoquel alternatives for Dogs

Having understood why Apoquel may not be the right choice for your dog, let us now check out the best alternative too Apoquel for dogs that can provide natural healing and protection against allergies and other issues.

Coconut oil is one of the powerful natural remedies against allergies and can be one of the right alternatives to Apoquel. It will improve the hydration levels and that would make your dog less itchy. It also tends to nourish the skin.

Two other most widely used options for taking care of the allergies would be to use Apple Cider Vinegar and Chickweed gel. They would definitely be the best option to get rid of allergies without the harmful effects of Apoquel.

A few other recommendations that should work best for taking care of allergies in your dog and assist you in looking for the best alternatives to Apoquel would be following a few recommendations here –

Provide Balanced Food

The balanced food for the dog would have all the necessary ingredients without affecting the natural immunity of the pet.  Wholesome, no processed food would be the right option in that direction. A veterinarian who believes in the holistic approach should help you achieve the best results in this regard.

There are many balanced food options for your dog and your vet should be able to help you with a few recipes that you can prepare at your home. If you are not able to prepare one for any reason, the next best option would be to opt for a dog food that has been prepared with the wholesome ingredients without any sort of added so-called goodness! You should be able to find them at a renowned pet store.

 Restore the Immunity levels

If you have been using Apoquel for quite some time now, the immune system may have already been degraded. You should be able to restore the immune system and bring it back to the balanced state by means of a few natural means. Do note that traditional veterinary science has no remedy for it.

A few good options that can restore the immune balance in your dog would be the acupuncture technique or Chinese herbs. No matter whether the immune system is hyperactive or reduced, these techniques should be capable enough to bring the immunity levels back to a normal state. A few good Chinese herbs that can be helpful in this context can be Astragalus, Siberian ginseng, Burdock, and Nettle.  They can assist in cleansing the body from the toxins and thus act as a perfect treatment for allergies.

Is Vaccination a good option as Alternative to Apoquel?

Well, we do not think we would want to be positive here. Over the years, veterinary science has indeed been over-vaccinating the pets, especially the dogs. There are a few guidelines worthy of being followed in this context.

The guidelines suggest that the core vaccines -DHPP in dogs and FVRCP in cats – should not be administered more than once every three years. However, there has been a regular practice where these pets are being administered with the vaccines every year. This makes them over-vaccinated and this can be one of the huge negative points from the point of their better health and a high degree of immunity.

If your dog already has allergies, it may not be a good idea to give vaccines. Vaccination in this scenario would make the dog’s health worse. The best technique would be not to give any vaccine until the dog has got rid of all the allergy issues and has regained its immune system back in shape. Giving vaccines at this stage can indeed aggravate the situation further.

Before We Conclude

The allergy in your dog or cat need not be a lifelong issue. You just need to learn to look at it from a holistic approach and opt for the best Apoquel alternatives. If you, as the dog owner is ready to commit yourself to a longstanding solution with a focus on the restoration of normal health, you can definitely heal the disease.

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The key to avoid Apoquel and go with the Apoquel alternatives would be to consult a holistic veterinarian that working with a traditional one and take a really holistic approach to the issue. If you commit yourself to a long term treatment plan, you can definitely restore your dog or any other pet and get it back to the best of its health.

If you have used those options and have been able to achieve success, do let us know your experience. Remember to spread the word about the holistic approach to the treatment of your dog and make people switch to the best Apoquel alternatives.

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