4 Important Questions to Ask Before Entrusting Your Luxury Car to an Auto Transport Company

Auto Transport Company

Buying a luxury car requires a significant investment. By average, an entry-level luxury car can cost more than $42,000 in the US. That amount does not include regular maintenance and insurance cost. It means that you must take extra care of your luxury car to protect your investment.

But sometimes, there are instances when you need to bring your luxury vehicle to a different location. It usually happens when you need to move to another place with the rest of your household. To protect your precious car, talk to a car shipping business to avail of their services.

But before you close the deal with the auto transport company, here are several questions that you need to ask the dealer first to ensure that they will handle your car properly.

How Does Your Scheduling Work? 

Most of the time, auto transport companies advise their clients to give them a reasonable allowance in the delivery schedule. It is because multiple factors can affect the transport process. These factors include the unexpected volume of traffic along the way, sudden weather disruption, and unexpected breakdown of the carrying truck. If you need your luxury vehicle delivered in your required schedule, ask them if they charge extra fees for urgent delivery.

How Can I Prepare My Car Before Shipping? 

Since you spent your hard-earned money in your luxury vehicle, make sure that your car will be appropriately taken care of during the transportation process. But that responsibility does not lie on the shipping company alone. Learn how to prepare your car before the car shipping company loads your vehicle in their carrying truck. Ask them for tips on how to clean your car properly to avoid any mishaps along the road. They may advise you to take away your toll pass transponder since electronic toll readers may still pick up its signal and charge you every time you pass a toll booth.

What Is Your Company Transport Process? 

Auto transport companies operate differently. Some use open carriers to transport cars, while others use enclosed trucks. Both of these transportation methods have advantages and disadvantages, especially when carrying the car in different weather. So ask your dealer about how they usually take your vehicle under different conditions.

Is Your Company Registered And Insured?

Since you have to entrust your expensive luxury vehicles in the hands of an auto transport company to bring it across the country, you need the assurance that they will do everything to protect your car from damages or destruction. To have a peace of mind, ask them if they have all the necessary credentials to prove that you can trust them to take care of your car. These companies should strictly follow the regulations of the US Department of Transportation by registering their company. They should also have insurance. If they can provide adequate coverage, you can put your trust in them since they will take care of your vehicle while it remains under their responsibility.

Looking for the right company to handle the long-distance transportation of your luxury car does not have to be complicated. By asking all these questions and getting the correct answers, you will have an idea about how the company runs its business. Make sure that the company has a reliable reputation so you can fully trust them to handle your car properly during the transport process.

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