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Alabama gunman in camouflage kills a police officer and wounds two others

Police in Alabama caught a gunman whom they said shot and killed a police officer and wounded two others at a trailer park in Auburn late last night.

The officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call when Grady Wayne Wilkes opened fire. The gunman was clad in camouflage body armor and a helmet.  Auburn University later tweeted on Monday morning that Wilkes was in custody.

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Auburn Chief of Police Paul Register said that this is probably the worst day of his time here and words cannot express the loss for this family and community,

29 years old Wilkes was described as being around 6-foot 4-inches and weighing 215 pounds.

Register added that they believe that he is dangerous and in this situation he obviously was.

Two of the officers were seriously injured but are expected to recover soon while the deceased officer has not yet been identified.

A tweet posted by Auburn University warned students earlier to stay away from the Arrowhead Mobile Home Park which is five miles away from its campus.

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A resident there who asked not to be identified told Tales Buzz  “I heard 6 rapid-fire shots like it was an automatic weapon. After a brief pause there was a second, and then three more single shots”.

Helicopters were encircling the mobile home community early on Monday. Residents have been requested by responding officers to shelter in place.

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