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AI-Powered ‘Shazam for Clothes’ Fashion Search Launched Amazon

A sector that has been relatively ignored by Amazon so far is the fashion industry. And now, with their AI-powered tool, StyleSnap, they are set to launch into this lucrative market, and help their customers find clothes. StyleSnap acts as a Shazam for clothes, which isbuilt into the Amazon mobile app. The app will allow its users to upload a photo of their desired style which will be matched with similar items which are on sale on

The consumer worldwide CEO of Amazon, Jeff Wilke, inaugurated the feature at the Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas today, and said that the simplicity of the experience of the customer belies the complexity of the technology behind it.

A lot of start-ups however, already offer this service such as online fashion portal Asos. StyleSnap’s delivery is yet to be seen. Basic items of clothing may be easy to identify by the AI-powered app, but consumers can also identify these by themselves, making customers wait to see how niche items and styles fare on the app.

Amazon has yet to prove its mettle in the fashion industry, since in 2017, its Echo Look feature – an AI-powered camera which recommended fashion looks to users. It was found in reviews that this software failed to identify different outfits in photos and churned out the same, or similar tips again and again.

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StyleSnap proves, however, that Amazon is not giving up in the fashion industry easily. They believe that their expertise in the AI business will give it a competitive edge against most competitors, only once it finds the right outlet for it.

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