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5 Reasons Why Natural Eyelash Extensions Are Worth the Hype

Y’all, I was pretty skeptical when my bestie first suggested I get natural lash extensions. I mean, weren’t those high-maintenance, fake-looking spider lashes best left in the 90s? But after trying a subtle, natural-looking set for myself, I’m officially obsessed and think they are so worth the hype! Let’s explore natural eyelash extensions for effortless glamour. Here’s why you should give natural extensions a chance too:

1. They save you time, girl!

I used to spend like 15 minutes each morning carefully applying mascara, trying to make my puny lashes visible. Half the time I ended up with raccoon eyes and smudges across my lids. So annoying! With natural extensions, I just wake up with lightly lifted, fluttery lashes ready to take on the day. I’ll take those extra Z’s over tedious mascara application any day! High quality natural lash extensions can last 4–6 weeks with proper care, compared to synthetic extensions that may only last 1–2 weeks. This means less frequent fills.

2. People compliment your eyes more

Ever since I got natural extensions, I swear I get compliments on my eyes all the time from friends, coworkers, heck even strangers! The subtle enhancement makes your eyes pop and grabs people’s attention. But it’s not a crazy dramatic effect, so you can rock them day or night. Take those ego boosts all the way to happy hour! Just brush through your natural extensions daily to keep them separated and clean. Avoid oil-based products around the eye area.

3. You can keep wearing eye makeup

I was worried I’d have to nix all eye makeup with extensions. But my lash stylist said I can keep wearing my fave pencil liners, shadows and even waterproof mascaras over the extensions! Just gently remove makeup without tugging on the area. No sacrificing your fave eye products.

4. Lower maintenance than strip lashes

Ugh, applying strip lashes makes me want to gag. The glue always gets everywhere and they never stay put on my eyes! Natural extensions are individually adhered to each upper lash so they look and feel much more natural. And avoiding daily mascara is way lower maintenance than messing with strips. Wake up with beautiful curled lashes every day! You can swim, workout, and sleep worry-free without having to reapply mascara. Overall, natural lash extensions enhance your natural beauty easily and comfortably.

5. Gets you that bombshell look without clumpy mascara

Girl, I LOVE having naturally fluttery, dark lashes 24/7 without needing layers of mascara that inevitably smudge onto my lids. My eyes look brighter and more open with extensions while avoiding that heavy, fake mascara look. Light and flirty for the win!

Okay, the cost (around $100-$150) might make you gasp a bit. And you do have to be gentle and avoid oil-based products around the eye area to keep extensions in place. But for me, the time and confidence boost are totally worth it. I’m no high maintenance glam queen, but I love waking up framed by natural-looking falsies! Give extensions a try – you just might become a lash lover like me.

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