10 Best Sites Like Chive

Sites Like Chive

Chive, the world’s largest unique galleries of pictures and videos, is famous for its one-stop-shop. This trait is common to all the 10 best sites like Chive discussed below:

1. Mashable (Mashable Inc.):

In 2005, Pete Cashmore launched Mashable which was one of the 25 best blogs (2009). Mashable connects and expresses digital traditions. Mashable has 6,000,000+ Twitter followers and 3,200,000+ Facebook fans.

2. Wired.com:

Wired.com monthly publishes a magazine. It reviews science and technology of architecture, culture, design, politics, philosophy, and the economy. The categories include Autos, Business, Design, Entertainment, Gear, Magazine, Photo, Security, Science, Scientific blogs, Video, WIRED Top 3. Wired.com features editorials from industry leaders.

3. Upworthy.com:

In March 2012, Eli Pariser launched Upworthy.com. Every day, it publishes high quality and meaningful stories on political and social issues. Upworthy.com requests users to share content over existing social media.

4. Ebaumsworld.com:

Initially, owned by Eric “eBaum” Bauman and co-owned by his father, Neil. Ebaumsworld.com was sold in August 2008 to ZVUE Corporation. They got $15 million in cash and $2.5 million in stock with additional payouts upon efficiency. It is an entertainment media sharing video, Flash cartoons, and web games. All information including from external sources is rebranded with eBaum’s World logo. Listen to favorite celebrity’s quote/phrase after clicking on the button provided on celebrity soundboards. Buy eBaum products from chat store-room and send feedback via “Moron Mail”.

5. Digg.com:

Digg.com, a news collector website, offers smart, beautiful, editorial digest. Categories include politics, science, and internet viral problems on the front page. You can select any topic to read aggregated news from Diggs. The site pulls out news and captured streaming from all websites and publishes it at one place.

6. Buzzfeed.com

In 2006, BuzzFeed.com was launched in New York City. This web media Company monitors viral content in any social media. It uses online advertising social and content-driven posting technologies.

7. Gawker.com

Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers launched Gawker.com in New York City. This American blog site became the source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip. Third-party web analytics are used for focusing on celebrities and the media industry.

8. Businessinsider.com

In February 2009, Business Insider was launched in New York City. This website is for publishing American business, celebrity, and technology news. Business Insider collects all news from top media around the web and publishes it at one place.

9. Cracked.com

In 2005, Jack O’Brien launched the Cracked.com, the humor website. Having over 300 million monthly views, Cracked.com has become one of Demand Media’s prominent properties. Cracked.com shares articles, online publications, and videos on history, technology, television, and video games.

10. Funnyordie.com

On 24th January 2007, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy founded Funnyordie.com. The website publishes unique materials for comedy video and film/TV production from well-known contributors (James Franco and Judd Apatow). One of the first videos – “The Landlord” got 80+ million views. Funnyordie.com won the Emmy award. In June 2007, it was joint ventured with Sequoia Capital and in June 2008, there was a partnership with HBO.

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